rHome; a new restaurant, which has already become a classic, has been intended to express the never declining Roman traditions in a modern form. Located on a strategic position in the Italian capital, Piazza Augusto Imperatore, rHome is a modern and innovative restaurant in its exterior and interior design but also in culinary aspects.

The name of the restaurant is a fusion between Rome and Home, highlighting that rHome wants to be fully integrated with the city and its traditions but at the same time be warm and inviting as a Home.

rHome proposes; traditional Italian cuisine based on ingredients available during the seasons such as fettuccine with artichokes and saffron, tonnarelli with goat cheese and pepper, veal meatballs with mash potatoes, but also vegetarian recipes such as bean soup en field chicory or creative cuisine like deer medallions with chestnut honey. The extensive menu is accompanied by a vast wine list. Later in the evening and after dinner rHome becomes one of the more trendy meeting points of the capital with music selected by a D.J. and live music from famous international musicians.

Buffet lunch euro 10.00, drinks not included.

Evening live music.

How to reach us